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Available IRATA Courses

Industrial Rope Access

  • A solution for reaching inaccessible places safely at locations such as offshore platforms and installations, buildings and industrial plants.
  • A proven solution developed by IRATA that is recognised internationally by multinational corporations.

Industrial Rope Access Training

5 days duration for all level certification followed by a day of Assessment by an approved independent Assessor by IRATA. Equipment will be provided throughout the course and assessment.

  • IRATA Level 1

    An entry level for the certification of IRATA to get started in the Industry. Minimum age requirement shall be 18 years old. As the course will be physically challenging, participants must be physically and medically fit and will learn the techniques of rope access maneuvers on a pre rigged rope course. Participant will also learn a basic rescue and hauling technique.

    Successful candidates will receive: IRATA certificate, Log Book, ID card, General requirements and KBA Training guide book 

  • IRATA Level 2

    minimum of 1000hrs logged working hours with varied experience being a level 1 over a minimum period of 12 months. Candidates will learn industrial legislation, to be capable of rigging working ropes, undertaking rescues and performing rope access tasks, under the supervision of an approved IRATA level 3.

    Successful candidates will receive: IRATA certificate, ID card, General requirements and KBA Training guide book

  • IRATA Level 3

    It is intended for personnel who have held the Industrial Rope Access technician level two qualification for a minimum of 12 months and have at least 1000 on-rope hours logged as a level 2, and wish to proceed to level three. A level three supervisor must be capable of complete responsibility for work projects, undertaking advanced rescues and have a comprehensive knowledge of relevant legislation and industry best practice.

    Successful candidates will receive: IRATA certificate, ID card, General requirements and KBA Training guide book

All Levels will receive a soft copy of ICOP (International Code of Practice). Please bring your own thumb drive.

Under the IRATA certification scheme, all rope access work must be supervised by an IRATA Level 3 supervisor, qualified in First Aid.


IRATA Full Member (Operator & Trainer)

Comprehensive Training Manual

KB Access Pte Ltd Industrial Rope Access Training Manual is a definitive industrial rope access manual and it is essential reference for practitioners of all levels. Free for all course candidates. (A5 wear resistant format)

Copies of the training manual are available for sale. Please call (+65) 65460939 or email to trainingadmin@kbassociates.org

 Click on the flowchart to view PDF file

IRATA Training Scheme Flowchart

See IRATA General requirements for the detailed syllabus, requirements for levels 1, 2 and 3 rope access technicians, and principal contraindications to working at a height and other relevant information.

*Any level rope access technician undertaking re-assessment after the expiry of the current assessment would require a minimum of four days of training instead of the two days. Holders of expired level 2 or 3 certificates or others with questions should contact an IRATA training company for information on revalidation procedure. To ensure technicians are up to date with certification, re-assessment may be done up to 6 months before due expiry date without any time penalty.

Each IRATA member company should ensure employees hold valid assessments.

Available IRATA Courses